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2024 Humane Harvesting Workshop

Quality/Health/Handling Workshop

Pre-Registration Form - Click Link Below


The Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board (PFHCB) will be delivering Humane Harvesting and Quality/Handling/Health Workshops virtually/online during the week of March 11th & 18th, 2024. Workshops will be delivered virtually/online using Zoom. Sessions will be approximately 2 hours per Workshop (3-4 hours total). Humane Harvesting will begin at 9:00am, and the Quality/Handling/Health will begin at 11:00am. An email address and photo ID, along with the $50 registration fee, MUST be received with the completed pre-registration form. Registered participants will be sent an email confirming the date and time, and a Zoom link to join the online session. To pre-register, download and complete an application from, or contact the PFHCB at 709-722-8170 or

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